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Town Elects Rescued Pit Bull as Mayor Ahead of Chicken and Donkey Rivals

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Town Elects Rescued Pit Bull as Mayor Ahead of Chicken and Donkey Rivals

Many an elected mayor has vowed to clean up the streets once in office.

However, Brynneth Pawltrow, the new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, might need someone to do that for her; every time she goes out for a walk.

That’s because Brynn, as she’s affectionately known, is not your average mayor.

Not unless your average mayor is a dog.

Which, in Rabbit Hash, it actually is.

The small Boone County town of around 300 people doesn’t particularly need a mayor, but a tradition to elect four-legged leaders began as a fundraising initiative in the 1990s.

Residents pay a dollar to vote and can vote as many times as they wish.

Brynneth won this time around with over 3,000 votes.

The final amount raised from all the candidates, which also included a cat, a chicken, and a (Democrat?) donkey, reached almost $9000.

It was used to help restore a local shop that had burned down.

Brynn, who was welcomed into office with a special Indawguration Ball, was rescued as a pup by owner Jordie Bamforth.

She (Jordie, not Brynn) told InsideEdition the campaign had started out as a joke, but that she was keen to help raise money for the town.

Of Brynn’s duties, Bamforth added, “to be completely honest, she just has to show up. Her duty so far has been to be a representative for the town.”

Should the mayor be unavailable for any event, which happens when you’re an in-demand statesperson, two ambassador dogs, Lady Stone and Bourbon, are always ready to step in.

Rabbit Hash got its first canine mayor in 1998 when the wonderfully-named Goofy Borneman was elected.

Unfortunately, he was unable to serve a full term, passing away at 16 years old in 2001.

Let’s hope Brynn sees out her time in office and is able to enjoy a long and deserved retirement afterwards too.

via InsideEdition | Images from Mayor Brynn on Facebook

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