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Tortoise Loses Shell in Fire, Gets World’s First Hand-Painted 3D Printed Replacement

Video: Inside Edition on YouTube


Tortoise Loses Shell in Fire, Gets World’s First Hand-Painted 3D Printed Replacement

When rescuers found Freddy the tortoise following a fire in Brazil, she was in pretty bad shape.

The name they gave her reflects this.

With her shell 85% burned off, her back was said to be left looking like Freddy Krueger’s face.

However, our testudine friends are nothing if not hardy. While Freddy was living a nightmare, she not yet ready to die.

Not even 2 bouts of pneumonia and 45 days without food could take her down.

Not when the chance the become bionic, which is pretty much mutant ninja, was still there.

The plan was to produce the world’s first fully 3D printed tortoise shell, made from corn-based plastic, and fit it to Freddy’s back.

The plan worked, and she was soon parading her new protective covering.

The only problem was its color.

Or, more accurately, its lack of color.

Brilliant white is a fine choice for some, but Freddy is not a chef or a dentist or a bride.

She needed some real color.

A local artist, Yuri Caldera, offered his services.

Passing up the opportunity to give her a Mario Kart-style look, he hand-painted the shell with a beautiful, natural design.

Freddy now lives with one of the vets who helped create her shell.

She may one day outgrow her hand-painted, 3D printed protective case and need a new one, but there are some upsides to her unfortunate ordeal.

Not everybody gets to walk around with a genuine work of art on their back, and it’s likely a lot less weight to carry around than her old one was too.

Check out the video above to see Freddy’s awesome addition!

via Inside Edition on YouTube

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