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220-pound Tortoise Injures Legs Having Sex, Gets Wheels Fitted

Video: SWNS TV on YouTube


220-pound Tortoise Injures Legs Having Sex, Gets Wheels Fitted

If you’ve ever felt you’re metaphorically spinning your wheels in your quest for some loving, spare a thought for Bert, the African spurred tortoise, whose sexual prowess has left him literally spinning his!

Bert, who weighs in at an impressive 220 pounds (1oo kg), usually resides at the Secret Animal Garden at the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk, England, but was sent on a breeding program in 2011.

Described as a “prolific breeder” by his keepers, the 22-year-old turned-on testudine is said to have romanced up to five females during his 2-month holiday.

On his return, his keepers noticed swelling in his back legs.

This has since been diagnosed as early onset arthritis, and the set of wheels have been fitted to help Bert get around whenever his back legs swell up again.

Arthritis isn’t uncommon in tortoises like Bert, who can live for up to 80 years, but it doesn’t usually appear until the animals reach their 30s.

Bawdy Bert, as I’ve just named him, is believed to be the heaviest ever tortoise to have had wheels fitted.

As you can see in the video, he moves very well with them on.

The wheels, which reduce the weight on Bert’s back legs, are strapped to his shell and can be removed when they aren’t needed.

Yet while his wheels can be taken away, it’s clear from the glint in Bert’s eye the memories of just why he needs them never will be.

(h/t) | video from SWNS TV

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