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Surgeon Performs Emergency Operation on Special Needs Patient’s Stuffed Animal

Photo: MIchelle Heber on Facebook


Surgeon Performs Emergency Operation on Special Needs Patient’s Stuffed Animal

A good surgeon is known for the clinical accuracy in the incisions he or she makes.

However, one such practitioner at Concordia Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada, has blurred the lines between surgeon, seamster, veterinarian, taxidermist, and toy-maker with one wonderful act of kindness.

The story begins with 23-year-old Dean Heber, who suffers from developmental delays, epilepsy and, cerebral palsy.

His constant battles with recurring pneumonia mean he spends extended periods in hospital.

For the last few months, this has been in Concordia’s intensive care unit.

“The staff there have fallen in love with my son,” Dean’s mother, Michelle Heber, told CBC.

Michelle and her husband make a point of picking up a new stuffed animal to sit at the foot of Dean’s bed and keep him company every time he is admitted.

Wolfie the wolf was doing a fine job of this when one of the surgeons working with Dean noticed something.

Wolfie’s ear was looking a little worse for wear, with stuffing beginning to come out of a few holes that had appeared.

The surgeon, being a surgeon, knew he had to help.

“They sewed him up right on the bed,” said Michelle. “It looks like they actually used sterile gloves and all the right equipment.”

It’s unclear if Dean was fully aware of why the surgeons were operating on his friend Wolfie, but Michelle says seeing the team effort from all the medical staff involved put a smile on his face.

“My son doesn’t speak. I can’t really ask him but I think he’s very happy someone was looking after his stuffed animals for him,” she said.

For those who were fully aware, i.e. Michelle and her family, the small act of kindness meant the world.

“It’s not something that would typically happen in an ICU. After two months, you really get to know these people and it means a lot,” she told CBC.

“It’s nice to see something happy happening in the midst of all these closure talks and what not. It just brought so much joy to everybody.”

It’s thought Wolfie has since made a complete recovery.

via CBC

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1 Comment

  1. Michelle Heber

    June 12, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing our story.

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