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Stray Schnauzer Becomes City’s Cutest Police Dog

Photo: Nicolas Alejandro Walteros


Stray Schnauzer Becomes City’s Cutest Police Dog

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A rescued street dog in Bogota, Colombia, has become the cutest law enforcer in the city.

Perhaps in the country.

Or perhaps even the whole world.

The schnauzer, named Azul, patrols the streets of the city’s Suba district with his human colleagues, ensuring any drop in the level of adorability is swiftly taken care of.

Despite his cuteness, Azul is from the streets himself.

A former stray, he was found and rescued by Nicolas Alejandro Walteros, a military reservist who found Azul injured after a fight with another dog.

That’s when he decided to give him a home.

“I told him I would give him everything he needed, and he adopted me as his dad,” Walteros told The Dodo.

Walteros often travels by motorcycle, and Azul quickly learned to ride with him.

It’s a skill that would come in handy in his future career with the police.

Walteros has friends in the police department, and he decided to honor them by getting Azul a uniform to wear while they were out and about.

This led to the dog becoming an ambassador for the local law enforcement.

Azul doesn’t have the physical attributes to become an actual police dog and take down criminals like his German Shepherd brethren can, but he does still play an important role for the local force.

By bringing his irresistible cuteness every time he hits the street, Azul is helping to improve the relations between the police and the local community.

It’s a job no other member of the Bogota police, whether human or canine, could do quite as well Azul.

Don’t believe us?

Then check out some of his other pics in the gallery!

via The Dodo

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