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Simple Miscommunication Leads to Lifesize My Little Pony

Photo: Cindy Roddick


Simple Miscommunication Leads to Lifesize My Little Pony

Heard the one about the hot pink horse?

It’s a likely story.

Literally, as one misheard instruction led to a horse being covered head to hoof in bright pink paint in Likely, British Columbia.

Rosy, as the mare is appropriately named, belongs to Cindy Roddick and her family, who became fearful the wildfires that recently hit western Canada may reach their home.

In preparation for any evacuation, Cindy asked her son, Jacob Sharkey, to paint their phone number on the 19-year-old horse.

If they did evacuate and Rosy had to be released, the phone number should have been their best hope in securing her return.

However, thanks to Jacob mishearing the ‘phone number’ bit, Rosy was left even easier to trace.

In an interview with local reporters, Jacob explained, “I thought she told me to just spray paint the entire horse to make it visible, so that way, if we had to let them go, people could find them.”

The paint job, which was done with a non-toxic spray paint used to mark livestock, took around 20 minutes.

So just 5 more than Rosy’s 15 minutes of fame will last.

Thankfully, Cindy was more amused than angry with the misunderstanding.

With the stress of wildfires looming large, it would have been easy to become incandescent with rage; however, it was only Rosy who got lit up – and in the nicest way possible.

Cindy even asked her daughter Lana to post the image on Facebook to bring a little comic relief to those affected by the fires, which have so far stayed away from the family’s home.

While fire crews battle to keep them under control, Jacob himself had a job on his hands too.

Of the paint he used to turn Rosy into a fluorescent filly, he said, “I’ve still got to go down and scrub the rest of it off.”

via CBC News | Image: Cindy Roddick

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