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Shelter Dog Learns to Smile in Bid to Be Adopted

Photo: Front Street Animal Shelter on Facebook


Shelter Dog Learns to Smile in Bid to Be Adopted

If we were to make a list of things dogs love, plenty of space to play and lots of human interaction would be pretty high on it.

Unfortunately, these can be in short supply for shelter dogs.

There is a burst of excitement when potential adopters come to take a look at the dogs, but for those who aren’t chosen, at least one more day in the shelter awaits.

With the adoption competition fierce, it appears 2-year-old shelter dog Riley has decided to increase her own chances of getting a new family by learning to smile.

Riley was found wandering the streets of Sacramento and brought to the city’s Front Street Animal Shelter.

As the shelter’s Gina Knepp told The Dodo, “my kennel technician, Britney Ridge, fell in love with her personality and for whatever reason thought that Riley was one of those dogs that could smile. So every day during feeding and cleaning, they would talk to each other.”

As you can see in this video posted on the shelter’s Facebook page, Riley now smiles whenever she’s asked to – and will no doubt be showing potential adopters her pearly whites as often as she can.

The last we heard, Riley and her co-star in the video were still available for adoption.

Of course, while Riley is currently getting all the attention, every dog in Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter is equally deserving of a loving family.

If you’re in the Sacramento area and looking to add a furry bundle of love to your life, perhaps contact the shelter and see if you can give one of their dogs – be it Riley or another – something to really smile about.

(h/t) | video from Front Street Animal Shelter

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