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This Self-Balancing Electric Motorbike Will Revolutionize Road Safety

Photo: Thrustcycle


This Self-Balancing Electric Motorbike Will Revolutionize Road Safety

If you needed two adjectives to describe motorcycles, ‘fun’ and ‘dangerous’ might be high on your list.

Now a company known as Thrustcycle is aiming to reduce the latter with a revolutionary new design.

The self-stabilizing GyroCycle uses internal flywheels to create a gyroscopic effect that helps keep it upright at all times.

In layman’s terms, this effectively means recreating at low speed the balance felt when a motorcycle is moving at high speed. This offers greater safety when cornering, as well as when stopping and starting.

As you can see in the video below, the prototype GyroCycle will even stay upright when stopped and left by itself.

There are currently a number of three-wheeled motorcycles on the market for those struggle to handle a traditional two-wheeled offering, and Thrustcycle will be hoping to tempt some of that market to give their new baby a try.

BMW also recently revealed their ideas for the self-balancing motorcycles of the future, meaning Thrustcycle won’t be alone.

However, the Gyrocycle is looking to be launched at a lower price point, and perhaps as soon as in 2017, meaning it could steal a march on its more illustrious rivals.

The futuristic look of these machines may put off many motorcycle traditionalists, but safer, cleaner, and quieter machines entering the mass market can only benefit us all.

The GyroCycle itself may or may not have the mass-market appeal to become a hit but, as a groundbreaking piece of technology that can lead to a revolution in road safety, it’s already a wonderful thing.

Check the images below for more impressions of how the GyroCycle may finally look.

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