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The Psychological Tricks That Make Airplanes Feel Bigger on the Inside

Video: DNews on YouTube


The Psychological Tricks That Make Airplanes Feel Bigger on the Inside

“Is there a Doctor Who on board?”

When you think about it, airplanes are kinda like the Tardis.

One, they help you travel through time. Flying 6 hours from NYC to LA but arriving only 3 hours after you left? WTF?

And two, they’re loads bigger on the inside than they look from the outside.

Okay, so time zones take care of the first point. But airplane manufacturers need to employ a series of psychological and visual tricks to achieve the second.

The list, which you can learn about in the video above from DNews, includes:

  • ensuring the widest part of the cabin is at passengers’ eye level when seated
  • using light to subconsciously draw the eye to where they want you to look
  • designing overhead lockers to close upwards to give the illusion of creating more space

All of these and more are done to make you feel more comfortable during your flight.

This increases customer satisfaction ratings, which leads to repeat bookings for an airline. Repeat bookings mean airlines will buy from those airplane manufacturers who put in the effort.

Everyone wins.

So the next time you take a flight and find yourself with time to kill, why not try to spot these psychological and visual tricks in action, and see if you can notice any more yourself that aren’t covered in the video.

Bon voyage, Doctor!

from DNews on YouTube

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