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This New Detergent Free Washing Machine Will Make Your House Even Cleaner and Greener

Photo: SWATAB on Facebook


This New Detergent Free Washing Machine Will Make Your House Even Cleaner and Greener

All over the world, huge installations are popping up to bring us cleaner, greener energy on a grand scale.

This, for example, is the world’s largest floating solar farm. Symbolically, it sits on the lake that formed when a former coal mine was flooded by groundwater.

However, while getting renewable energy to homes is part of the battle, providing people with greener devices is also vital; using clean energy on clean machines seems like the dream.

Tesla is already pioneering the next generation of solar roof panels, and a Swedish company is now hoping they have the next great green home innovation.

Developed by the startup Scandinavian Water Technologies, or SWATAB, the idea is a detergent free, cold water washing machine that cleans your clothes just as well as your current one does.

The benefits, as outlined on the company’s GoFundMe page, are as follows:


The idea is that of entrepreneur Per Hansson, who had his eureka! moment while running a painting company with his wife, Katarina Klöfverskjöld.

“We had bought a system for cleaning building facades in an environmentally friendly way. Seeing how efficient it was in removing algae and dirt, I realized that the same method could be applied to washing machines,” Hansson told Business Insider.

Hansson took this idea for a new type of water filtration system and ran with it, developing and iterating until it was ready to be patented, which it now has been Europe-wide.

The question is, how exactly does it work?

How can detergent free, cold water possibly clean your clothes as well as hot, soapy water?

I’ll leave it to Hansson to explain:

“Water in itself is highly soluble. For example, if you get a blood stain on your clothes, you can remove it with cold water.

“Our filter makes tap water super clean, and by de-ionizing it, we can do away with the last remains of salts and contaminants.

“This super clean water is not in a balanced chemical state, and to become so again, the water will attach itself to stains and dirt and absorb them.”

It sounds so simple when he puts it like that.  🙂

SWATAB’s filtration system itself, called Diro, will sit in a closet in the home between the water pipes and the actual washing machine.

Having passed extensive tests in both Sweden and the European Union’s research center in Spain, the device is already more than a mere concept.

According to information on SWATAB’s GoFundMe page, “we have currently installations in Sweden, Denmark and in the UK. Our installations in multiple flat laundry rooms and in care homes have been a success.”

The next challenge – the one that can make a real difference to the world – is to get it into millions of homes.

For this to happen, the company will need to prove it can save both money and emissions.

Hansson is optimistic this can be done.

“It looks very promising. For every 5 kilograms of laundry, our technology saves one kilogram of carbon emissions,” he said.

Whether the Diro cleans up or proves to be a wash out, you have to applaud the effort in trying to reduce pollution and energy consumption of households worldwide.

via Business Insider | Image from SWATAB on Facebook | SWATAB on GoFundMe

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