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NBA Coach Adopts Special-Needs Dog Left Behind on ‘Empty the Shelter’ Day

Photo: Keith Allison / Jessica Evans


NBA Coach Adopts Special-Needs Dog Left Behind on ‘Empty the Shelter’ Day

Eastwood the labrador first came to Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay Humane Society having been found wandering alone in the cold.

Almost blind and with a genetic defect affecting one of his rear legs, he was a dog who needed help.

The shelter took him in and helped restore much of his vision. Although the issue with his leg remains, there was hope Eastwood would be adopted on the recent statewide Empty the Shelter day.

The response to the day overall was amazing, with over 1500 animals adopted from 66 organizations and 20 shelters emptied completely.

Eastwood, though, found himself in the news as the only animal left at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society without a new home.

However, his unfortunate fame became his savior as more than 80 applications to adopt the 1-year-old labrador swiftly came in.

So many came, in fact, that the shelter had to announce it could no longer accept any more.

Jessica Evans, communications and marketing coordinator at Little Traverse Bay, said the response was unlike anything she had seen before during her 4 years working there.

News later emerged that the applicant chosen as Eastwood’s new family is none other than that of Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy.

If this sounds anything like a publicity stunt or a home being chosen based on name only, Jessica Evans would like to reassure you.

As she explained to Up North Live, “We waded through applications all morning and there were a lot of worthy people out there.

“A lot of great homes. But there was one who stood out in particular. We know this is going to be an amazing home for him.

“A couple from the Detroit area were very, very excited about it. They have a great history as pet owners and we had many, many phone calls of recommendation on their behalf saying they would be an incredible home and that we would be silly not to choose them.”

Eastwood may need surgery later in life on his rear leg, but he’s said to have learned to cope with his disability right now.

Thanks to the work Little Traverse Bay Humane Society do, it seems he may have to learn to cope with being placed in a wonderful, loving new home too.

via MLive | Up North Live

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