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Man Rescues Dog from Kangaroo by Punching It on the Nose

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Man Rescues Dog from Kangaroo by Punching It on the Nose


Home of some of the weirdest and most wonderful wildlife on the planet.

Home also to the good old Aussie bloke; the kind of fella who doesn’t mind the occasional fight and would anything for his mates.

All of this came together in this video that emerged on the weekend.

It begins as a group of boar hunters spots one of their trained dogs in the bush and hopes to see it with a hog.

However, they quickly realize it’s the dog who’s in peril, having crossed paths with an adult male kangaroo.

With the dog being held in a headlock, one of the men jumps out of the truck and approaches. As he does, the kangaroo tries one last time to gut the dog with his claws before turning to face the man.

It was only the dog’s breastplate, fitted to protect him from boars’ tusks, that saved him.

Although the dog has been released, the man is now in real danger as a kick from a kangaroo could easily disembowel him.

They square up, and the man fires off a right hand that lands on the marsupial’s snout. It leaves the animal stunned, which gives the man and his dog time to leave.

Thankfully, the kangaroo decides to the same.

Although the video has gone viral with many people finding humor in the absurdity of what they’ve just watched, there is a lesser reported backstory to the hunting trip.

A friend of the men, Kailem Barwick, had been diagnosed with a terminal bone cancer, and the trip was organized to fulfill his wish to catch a boar before he passed.

One of the group, Matthew Amor, explained, “Basically Kailem wanted to catch a boar, and so a few of us got together to take him out, and another mate filmed more than an hour of video to put together as a DVD for Kailem and his family of the trip.”

Sadly, Kailem lost his brave battle with cancer in December 2016.

Of the kangaroo boxing incident, his friend Matthew added, ”Kailem would be looking down from up there and laughing because it was the highlight of the trip.”

The bone cancer that took Kailem, Ewing Sarcoma, is extremely rare and receives just 1.4% of cancer research funding. Kailem’s family are encouraging donations to the Lifehouse charity.

You can also read more about Kailem’s story, and donate, at his GoFundMe page.

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