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Man Raises Money to Help Terminally Ill Best Friend Marry Fiancée of 8 Years

Photo: Hope for Lewis / Jamie Pritchard


Man Raises Money to Help Terminally Ill Best Friend Marry Fiancée of 8 Years

Back in June of this year, Lewis Thomas Davies was taking a walk with his fiancée, Alicia, when he collapsed and had a seizure on the street.

After being taken to the hospital, a tumor was found on his brain.

Days later, he underwent an operation where 90% of it was removed.

Heartbreakingly, when he returned to the hospital weeks later for his test results, the news was worse than anyone could have expected.

Lewis was told he has an incurable stage three/four glioma.

He was also told that, at 26 years old, he has just two years to live.

When Jamie Pritchard, Lewis’ best friend in Caerphilly County, Wales, heard the news, he was heartbroken.

But he also knew he had to do something to help. To do something to make the time Lewis has left as meaningful as possible.

To help him continue his treatment abroad, to meet people going through the same situation as himself, and to marry Alicia, his fiancée of eight years.

Jamie, who has known Lewis since he was just 4, told Wales Online, “I was heartbroken when I found out Lewis was diagnosed, devastated. I didn’t want to believe it when I was told about his diagnosis.

“Even today, I still can’t get my head around the fact my best friend of 21 years is going to die.”

It sounds like Lewis himself is handling the news better than Jamie, who continued, “Ever since he found out, Lewis has been so positive.

“He won’t let nothing stop him living his life. Lewis refuses that he has got just two years left, and is very committed to proving people wrong.”

Jamie’s way of helping was to set up Hope for Lewis, a GoFundMe campaign that he hopes will raise the money needed to take care of his best friend’s needs.

However, not content with simply asking for donations, he’s also planning to stage a music festival where all proceeds will go towards the Hope for Lewis campaign too.

On the campaign, he added, “All of the money will go toward finding possible treatments to help extend his life after the chemo/radiotherapy is completed and also to raise awareness of brain tumors.

“Any remaining funds will be given to research into treating malignant brain tumors. He hopes one day that we will be able to cure the incurable.”

This wish for how any remaining funds will be used appears typical of Lewis’ selflessness.

“Lewis has always put other people first,” said Jamie, “but I think for once we need to put him first now.

“He brightens up other people’s lives when they are having a bad day. He is that type of person who will make your life better for just having him in your life.”

If you want to help Jamie to make Lewis’ life better for however much time he has left, including marrying his beloved Alicia, go check out the GoFundMe campaign here.

Via Wales Online

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