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Lyft will Allow Passengers to Round up Their Fare and Donate the Excess to Charity

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Lyft will Allow Passengers to Round up Their Fare and Donate the Excess to Charity

When it comes to ride-sharing options in most cities, Uber has long been in the driving seat.

Even the word Uber must be close to joining Hoover and Google as a company-name-turned-ubiquitous-term, if indeed it hasn’t already.

By choosing a name that already means ‘being taken somewhere in a car’, industry rival Lyft don’t have that instant recognizability.

However, with Uber being beset by various PR problems in recent times, it seems Lyft are trying to win the hearts and minds of the populace in another way.

Their plan appears to simply be seen as the good guys.

A new feature being rolled out on the Lyft app will allow passengers to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and donate the excess to a chosen charity.

Users will have to opt in to the scheme, which will then take care of the calculations at the end of each ride.

For example, a trip costing $14.33 will show as $15.00, with the extra 67 cents automatically going to a good cause.

The exact charities available to be donated to are unclear yet, but an advert published by Lyft mentioned pushing ‘the difference toward issues impacting everyone everywhere, from climate change to the pursuit of equality’.

Advance screenshots of the feature also show options for ‘Environment’, ‘Veterans’, and ‘Equality’.

Cynics may point out the donations will come from the passenger, and Lyft does admit they hope the scheme will increase ridership of their cars.

But using their position and removing the friction for charitable donations, keeping them to a minimum per individual yet potentially large over the total userbase, and giving to organizations that can make a positive difference to communities is only to be applauded.



via TechCrunch | Images Lyft

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