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13 Life Hacks Your Cat Will Love Just as Much as You Do

Video: Cole and Marmalade on YouTube


13 Life Hacks Your Cat Will Love Just as Much as You Do

Attention cat owners.

How much do you love your favorite feline friends?

Sure, you already give them food, shelter, and as much attention as they’ll let you before they decide to wander off and sleep somewhere.

But maybe you want to do more for them yet don’t know what, or how. And maybe you don’t actually have much more time to give than you already do.

So what if there were some hacks that you could employ? Hacks that you’ll love for their simplicity and the time they save you, and hacks your cats will love for the improvement they bring to their lives?

Well, there are. And you’re in the right place to learn them.

Check out the video above, from Cole and Marmalade.

It features things you can easily make that your cat will love, like a cat cave and a treat-dispensing puzzle toy, and tips that you’ll love, such as an easy way to collect cat fur and a great way to revive old cat toys.

In our second set of hacks, from BuzzFeedVideo, you can learn how to easily make a minimalist scratch post, how to keep your little friend off furniture you’d prefer they didn’t climb on, and how to encourage them to keep you company while you work from home.

It’s the purrrfect mix of hacks to keep your cat entertained, comfortable, and exactly where you want them to be.

Our third and final video, from ErinsAnimals, brings some more original tips for creating a great environment for your fluffy little friends.

Mounting teaser toys that your cat can play with by themselves and installing cat-tree style shelves mean your moggy mates can entertain themselves when you’re busy or not home.

While there’s no substitute for the love you give your cats, fitting a soft wire brush to the shelves can easily create a self-petting device that they’ll love to rub up against all by themselves.

Check the video to see exactly how to make your own.

A couple of the hacks are repeated in these videos, which is why we only have 13.

It’s a lucky number for you and your cat though, as you’ll both be left feline great by any you decide to try!

videos from Cole and Marmalade | BuzzFeedVideo | ErinsAnimals

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