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How this Instagram Account Full of Uninspirational Quotes Can Inspire You to Succeed

Photo: uninspirational on Instagram / Pixabay


How this Instagram Account Full of Uninspirational Quotes Can Inspire You to Succeed

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The original idea for Instagram (yes, after it had evolved from Burbn, pedants) was a simple one.

It was a place to upload photographs that you’d just taken.

The filters made making your images (and life) look better quick and easy. An image could be posted in just 3 clicks. The name has ‘Insta’ in it!

But something changed.

The halcyon days of Instagram catering exclusively to people posting poor to average snapshots of their daily lives with wanton abandon are over.

These people are still there, of course. It’s just that they’ve been joined by many other types of accounts, too.

For many of these, the only aim is to accrue followers, with more followers meaning more money-making opportunities down the line.

And one way for someone with zero photography skills to accrue plenty of followers is to slap some inspirational quote on a stock image and target the hashtags at people who might like some inspiration.

These people often need the inspiration to keep going in their own quest to build an Instagram following…

It all gets a little circle-jerky.

But one Instagram account has shown how it should be done, by doing the complete opposite to everyone else.

uninspirational posts downbeat quotes, such as “new year, same you” and “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s finally fucking over”.

While the messages may appear bleak, the bigger picture should give optimism to all who care to look at that instead.

The uninspirational account has over 500k followers. The biggest account I could find with purely inspirational quotes, called inspirationalqu0tes, has less than 150k.

The moral of the story?

If you want inspiration from Instagram, take it from the uninspirational account.

Don’t* look at their posts. Look at their plan.

If you want to be successful, do what other people aren’t.

Getting over half a million followers by going against the grain ?

There’s your inspiration.

*but use the arrow keys or swipe if you do want to

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