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Hazel the Pug Always Has a Wheely Great Outfit – Check out Some of Her Best Looks Here

Photo: hazel4president on Instagram


Hazel the Pug Always Has a Wheely Great Outfit – Check out Some of Her Best Looks Here

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At 15 years old, Hazel the pug is still showing the young pups what style looks like.

The simple fur coat – God-given, thankfully – just won’t do for this chic canine. Not when she’s flashing a set of rims like that.

Around 4 years ago, Hazel began to develop a kind of swagger as she walked.

But far from being part of her act, it was, unfortunately, being caused by disc degeneration in her spine.

“It would only get worse,” Hazel’s owner, Chris Pucillo, told The Dodo. “But there is no pain involved, which is a blessing.”

Realizing Hazel would eventually struggle to walk by herself, the family had her some custom wheels made at Eddie’s Wheels in Massachusetts.

Hazel took to them immediately, with Pucillo saying the look of relief and happiness on her face was evident straight away.

While the wheels may be new, the outfits aren’t, as Hazel has always loved dressing up.

It’s just that the wheels add a new dimension to her multitude of looks – many of which are on point when it comes to topicality.

Hazel has represented Halloween, the Superbowl, Christmas, and even got involved with the Presidential election, where she campaigned, of course, for Hazel 4 President.

You can check out some of her best looks on her Instagram page or in our gallery by using the arrows below.

She looks amazing of course, but her owner, Chris Pucillo, summed up what really matters.

“She sure can motor around on her wheelchair, and it is now merely an extension of her true self. Hazel has been a such a wonderful pet and companion, and, while loving her life, she has brought so much joy into so many of our lives as well.”

via The Dodo | Images Hazel on Instagram

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