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Dog Sniffs out Golfers’ Balls, Sells Them to Help Animals in Need

Video: KARE 11 on YouTube


Dog Sniffs out Golfers’ Balls, Sells Them to Help Animals in Need

It’s an unfortunate fact that some animals have better lives than others.

But Davos, the Bernese mountain dog, has found a fair way to help redress the balance.

His owner, Al Cooper, is a keen golfer.

That doesn’t mean he’s a very good one, but at least his wayward shots bring Davos’ own talents to the fore.

“I’m a lousy golfer, but he’s a good retriever,” said Al of his six-year-old canine caddy.

So eagle-eyed a retriever is Davos that he tracks down and returns every ball Al hits into the long grass at the Cedar Creek Golf Course in Minnesota.

However, Al clearly isn’t the only below par golfer to play there, as Davos regularly finds more balls than even Al can lose.

This gave Al an idea.

Davos had seen an ASPCA commercial about pets in need, and had been visibly affected by their plight.

Of course, Al wanted to help Davos help his brothers and sisters, so he decided to sell the extra balls at 25 cents each and give the money raised to the Animal Humane Society.

The venture, which suits Davos down to a tee, has proved quite the draw.

KARE 11 report a fantastic 400 balls have now been snapped up, with $100 collected and donated so far.

That’s already a lot of green, and it’s hoped the exposure given by the news network, which includes the video above, will lead to more local golfers pitching in and putting a few more dollars into the cup.

I’m sure Davos’ enthusiasm won’t fade and he’ll continue to sniff out the balls of the golfers at Cedar Creek for a good while yet.

Unlike Al, you have to admire his drive.

via KARE | h/t The Dodo

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