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8 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles and Their Caps

Video: Just5mins


8 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles and Their Caps

We all probably use more plastic bottles than we should, and it would be nice to think most of them get reused and recycled.

The only way to be sure though is to reuse or recycle them ourselves.

But how?

Apart from filling it up again, what exactly can you do with an empty plastic bottle?

As you can see in the video from Just5mins above, the answer is ‘many, many things’.

A new toothbrush holder for the bathroom or stationery holder for the office? A handy dustpan for the workshop? An environmentally friendly planter for the office cactus? A waterproof toilet paper holder for the outdoor bathroom? A drinking cup for when camping?

All are possible, as the easy-to-follow video demonstrates!

But what about the bottle caps? Are you to throw them away?

Of course not!

Check out the following video from Roman UrsuHack for 3 creative ways to reuse them.

Make containers to save your smallest nuts and bolts from getting lost, a colorful business card holder for your desk, and get even more artistic with a new, homemade paint palette.

How’s that for reusing and recycling your plastic?

via Just5mins | Roman UrsuHack

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