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Great News! Your Coffee Habit Could Be Helping You Live Longer

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Great News! Your Coffee Habit Could Be Helping You Live Longer

You pick up the mug, gaze across the cafe, take a gulp, and relax back into your chair.

‘If only there were more time to drink coffee,’ you sigh.

Well, it turns out the caffeine you consume may actually be extending your life – thus literally giving you more time to drink coffee.

Research showing why coffee drinkers tend to live longer does already exist, but a team at Stanford’s School of Medicine believe they’ve figured out why.

They say it’s all to do with caffeine reducing the risk of developing an inflammatory process that can then lead to heart disease, osteoarthritis, depression, and even dementia.

As David Furman, the study’s lead author, said in a press release, “More than 90 percent of all non-communicable diseases of aging are associated with chronic inflammation.”

Published in Nature Medicine, the study began almost a decade ago and analyzed the blood samples, survey data, and both medical and family histories of over 100 participants.

Data from healthy people aged 20-30 years old was compared with people aged 60 and over, where it was observed that the older group was far more likely to suffer the inflammatory process.

This inflammation can be caused by the breakdown products of nucleic acids, known as metabolites, circulating in our blood.

Luckily for coffee drinkers like you and me, caffeine can prevent his happening, as metabolites found in caffeine are similar to our own nucleic acid metabolites, and can act as inflammation blockers.

This was evidenced in further studies that began in 2008 and concentrated on two groups of elderly people – one consisting of those with high levels of inflammatory gene clusters and one with low levels.

The group with the lower levels were much more likely to still be alive in 2016.

The largest variable between the groups was the amount of caffeine they consumed, with the group of survivors consuming more than the other.

So, you want more time to drink coffee?

According to these findings, the best way to get it could well be to just… drink more coffee.

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