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The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Star Wars Clips of All Time (So Far)

Bad Lip Reading Star Wars
Photo: Bad Lip Reading on YouTube


The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Star Wars Clips of All Time (So Far)

Once upon a time, in a super rad corner of outer space, the guys behind Bad Lip Reading decided to unleash the force of their work on the Star Wars universe.

They enlisted the help of voice acting Jedis like Jack Black, Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader, and the results were amazing.

Some of the lines were a little on the dark side, but it’s that weirdness that makes the clips what they are: a must-see.

Beginning where we all did, with A New Hope, here are the 5 best Bad Lip Reading Star Wars videos of all time (so far).

A New Hope by Bad Lip Reading


Princess Leia doesn’t seem to enjoy Darth Vader’s attempts at sexting, C-3PO appears to have picked up an Indian accent, Obi-Wan and Vader aren’t above ‘your mom’ jokes, and Han Solo is going to be angry when he finds out Chewbacca’s eaten his brisket.


  • I really hate you texting me all those helmet pics
  • If you look at a dead spider what’ll happen?
  • Hey, you should know that you stink kinda like fish
  • I just need the pickaxe of Cortez and the mystical diamonds
  • It looks like there’s a Cheeto!

The Empire Strikes Back by Bad Lip Reading


Luke freestyles to some Hoth beats, Yoda waxes lyrical about an encounter with seagulls, Darth Vader has a Doctor Evil-style problem with his chair, and C-3PO brings up some bad wicker basket memories for everyone.


  • You’re like a soup can, I’m like Superman
  • I’m not a Mexican potato
  • He tripped over a wicker basket and fell apart
  • Vader’s after my pelican
  • One time in summer camp the kids tied me up to a goat and they put us both in a hole

Return of the Jedi by Bad Lip Reading


Princess Leia meets a man with a strange tentacle for a face and an even stranger southern accent, Obi-Wan calls Luke out on his awful taste in music, Admiral Ackbar pops in, and Darth Vader gives the Emperor some tough relationship advice.


  • Well hello to you too, Creepy McNightmare
  • Now you owe me a pet gerbil, 20 red birds, an old megaphone, and 17 frogs
  • You probably dig that band that played in Swingers, that 90s film
  • I’m a wrestler, not a cuckoo head
  • FYI, all you single guys, my emotional state really isn’t the greatest

The Force Awakens by Bad Lip Reading


Princess Leia tries, unsuccessfully, to find out what makes Han Solo happy, Chewbacca flirts with a lady who loves his hairy chest, Admiral Ackbar tests everybody’s patience with his chirping, and Kylo Ren leaves Han so confused by a finger puppet he’s just going to go home and have celery.


  • This morning I wanted a frap and they wouldn’t make it
  • I always have real funky breath
  • I shot a clown
  • I think Robert stole his sister’s trinkets, he’s embarrassed
  • The guy’s a tool and he most likely sleeps in an L position

The Bad Lip Reading Force Awakens video, which was dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher, featured the vocal talents of  Jessica DiCicco and Star Wars legend Mark Hamill.

While Mark’s character, Luke Skywalker, didn’t feature in the clip, the icon instead voiced Han Solo.

So, Harrison Ford to voice Skywalker in the next installment?

Time will tell.

But we’re not done there!

That’s only 4 Bad Lip Reading Star Wars videos, and we promised you 5.

You probably noticed the songs that featured in some of the clips above.

Bad Lip Reading actually released full versions of them. So they’re our number 5.

And 6 and 7 too!

The full-length Bad Lip Reading Star Wars songs.

Enjoy, and may the force be with you.

via Bad Lip Reading

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