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The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Songs of All Time (So Far)

bad lip reading songs
Photo: Bad Lip Reading on YouTube


The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Songs of All Time (So Far)

In recent times, whoever is behind the wonderful Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel has concentrated much of their efforts on Star Wars, politics, and the NFL.

But did you know they began, some years ago now, with a bunch of hilarious music video parodies?

If you didn’t, you’re missing out.

So to help you catch up, here are 5 of the very best Bad Lip Reading songs of all time (so far).

Gang Fight – Rebecca Black

Gang Fight is the very first video on the Bad Lip Reading channel, which alone means it deserves a place on our list of best Bad Lip Reading songs.

It sees Rebecca Black’s teeny-bopping, car seat-deciding ditty Friday reimagined as a dark and hilarious tale of some chicken-obsessed children heading out to settle a turf war.

Or something.

Lyrics include:

Gang Fight, Gang Fight!

The gang is down to fight, yeah

Have I brought this chicken for us to eat?

Gang Fight! Gang Fight!

The gang is down to fight, yeah

Have I brought this chicken for us to thaw?

Everybody Poops – Black Eyed Peas

Set to the original Boom Boom Pow video, Everybody Poops is one of the more juvenile of the Bad Lip Reading songs. And it’s all the better for that.

Featuring, Fergie, and the other two, it’s perhaps not the type of Black Eyed Peas song that should be played in a club.

But then, what is?

Lyrics include:

Everybody poops

And if they don’t they’re an android

And should be destroyed.

I be regular, bitches

Russian Unicorn – Michael Bublé

You’re in the supermarket. Canadian superstar Michael Bublé (pronounced ‘bubble’) walks in. You catch his eye. What happens next?

According to this Bad Lip Reading song, he starts inviting you to go shoot a Russian unicorn with him.

Presumably with his Bublé gun.

Lyrics include:

Oh, the night is young

Now baby we could shoot a Russian unicorn

We’ll probably do it on the couch

While my roomie’s out hiking

So take if off and bite your tongue

And hope my roommate don’t come home

Morning Dew – Bruno Mars, feat. Lady Gaga and Jay-Z

Bad Lip Reading stepped things up a notch on Morning Dew by stitching parts of three different videos together to make one Frankenstein’s monster of a clip.

You don’t need to like all of Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Jay-Z to enjoy this offering.

Which, when you think about it, is kinda fortunate.

Lyrics include:

Keep wanting your morning dew

You’re my pizza man, my pizza man

I like spastic golden toys

Keep wanting your morning dew

This huge pizza’s made with cheese and broccoli

Hot Jumping Beans – Justin Bieber and Rascal Flatts

This is the second of two Bad Lip Reading songs set to the video for the actual Justin Bieber and Rascal Flatts number That Should be Me.

It sees our high-pitched heroes spreading some real Frito-Lay and jumping bean propaganda.

With a mention of Kool-Aid too, it’s probably best not to swallow whatever it is these guys are offering.

Lyrics include:

Pigs feet, yeah

And jumping beans (And jumping beans)

And red Kool-Aid

This here’s the real stuff

I think you want ’em

Take your beans

She might not want ’em

So, which ones did we miss? Which Bad Lip Reading songs would you have in your top 5?

It’s not easy deciding as, having watched them all, there isn’t really a bad one!  😀

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