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Holy Snowball! Batman Helps Dig Cars Out in Montreal Blizzard

Video: MJ Animaction on Facebook


Holy Snowball! Batman Helps Dig Cars Out in Montreal Blizzard

Not all heroes wear capes.

But Batman does.

Even when he’s helping Montreal residents dig out their cars after a monster snowstorm.

You’d expect nothing less from the Caped Crusader, who seems to have taken one look at the weather and heeded the advice of his old adversary, Mr Freeze.

All good superhero tales need a backstory, so here’s this one’s…

Southern Quebec was hit by one of the biggest storms in living memory last week, and many residents were left struggling to get around for days afterwards.

Some cars were stuck in up to 40cm of snow.

The situation was miserable, so the owners of children’s entertainment company MJ Anim’Action decided to help brighten up people’s days.

Enter the Batman, a.k.a. Mehdi Bennani Smires, the co-founder of MJ Anim’Action.

He explained to CBC News, “We went into all the side streets to find people who were trying to get rid of snow and when we found a person who was working we helped them right away.”

For some reason, the first person they tried to help actually refused, but Batman is nothing if not persistent.

Everyone else accepted their help, and they ended up spending nearly five hours performing their good deeds.

Bennani Smires and MJ Anim’Action’s other co-founder, Julien Bauby, also spent time at senior’s residences helping elderly people cross slippery streets.

In costume, of course.

In better weather, the guys at MJ Anim’Action volunteer at Sainte-Justine Hospital, where they work with charities that aim to lift the spirits of seriously ill children.

This involves going in, meeting, and spending time with the kids.

In costume, of course.

“We’re people who dress up as superheroes but the real superheroes are the kids, the ones fighting illness,” Bennani Smires said.

So with plenty of costumes at their disposal, why was Batman chosen for the snow-shovelling mission?

Bennani Smires had a good reason.

“I couldn’t be Spiderman. It was too cold.”

It should also be noted that, despite the all the snow, Robin was nowhere to be seen either.

p.s. please be a mini-hero yourself and check out some of the hospital volunteer work MJ Anim’Action do in the video below.

via CBC News | MJ Anim’Action

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