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Attention Men! Smart Sex Toy Set to Reveal ALL About Your Performance, Effort, and Size

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Attention Men! Smart Sex Toy Set to Reveal ALL About Your Performance, Effort, and Size


Who among us has never wondered how many times we’ve ever had sex?

Who hasn’t wanted to know the average velocity of our furious thrusting?

And who hasn’t pondered whether that last session burned off the KFC we had beforehand?

Soon all your questions, and some you might prefer not to know the truth about (hello girth), can be answered with the i.Con Smart Condom.

Despite the name, the device is a ring that fits over a regular condom and tracks a whole bunch of quantifiables.

Think of it as a Fitbit for the bedroom.

That can also detect chlamydia and syphilis.

Who said romance was dead?

This is all about the features. And what a set of features we have.

The Smart Condom pairs with an app – of course there’s an app where you can share your statistics with the world if you so wish – via Bluetooth, which is good for keeping your hands free while using it.

The decision to make it available in one size with an adjustable band is sensible. Give a man the chance to buy ‘his’ size and you’ll be hit with a lot of returns from proud overestimation.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and a Micro-USB charging point that gives up to 8 hours of use.

So, one charge per warranty for some people…

Perhaps the only time we want to answer “is it in yet?” with a yes though and we can’t; the i.Con Smart Condom, which costs £59.99, is still only on pre-order from British Condoms.

Those prudish Brits, eh?

The company says they’re in the final stages of testing the device, which sounds fun, and it will be available later in 2017.

You can register your interest on the site here.

Thought people sharing data from their running apps on Facebook was self-congratulatory?

Just wait until this goes mainstream.

h/t CNET | British Condoms


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