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86-Year-Old Learns to Knit to Make Caps For Premature Babies

Photo: Dogwood Forest Assisted Living


86-Year-Old Learns to Knit to Make Caps For Premature Babies

You’re never too old to pick up a new skill, and that’s exactly what 86-year-old Ed Moseley did when staff at his assisted living facility asked if anyone could knit caps for premature babies.

“I’ve never knitted in my life,” Moseley told Inside Edition.

That proved to be no barrier for this obliging octogenarian, who is himself battling cancer.

After his daughter bought him a looming kit and instruction book, Ed was soon at work producing the headgear vital for a premature baby’s survival.

“I could watch TV at the same time and knit,” he said.

It took Ed over three hours to make the first cap, but he has since cut that time in half. This improvement is entirely understandable given that he’s now made over fifty caps alone!

Ed isn’t working alone. Inspired by his initiative, other residents of the Dogwood Forest Assisted Living care home in Georgia have been making the caps too, and have produced over 300 of them combined.

The gesture is appreciated by those families who need the caps.

Patricia Blunt, whose son Matthew was born 35 weeks premature, said, “it’s very nice that so many people care about the babies in the NICU. Being up here is so disruptive to your every day and knowing that people care enough to help parents is so appreciated.”

Despite having produced a huge number of caps already, Ed isn’t content to rest on his laurels.

He plans to continue and has set himself a goal of knitting 30 of these essential items every month.

via Inside Edition

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