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8 of the Most Random Gifts from Children That Parents Secretly Kept

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8 of the Most Random Gifts from Children That Parents Secretly Kept

Whoever said children are the greatest gift of all has clearly never been given a handmade Pokemon tie, a bunch of pebbles, a walnut, or a leaf.

These are just a few of the obscure items parents have received from their offspring, secretly kept, and are now revealing on Reddit.

The catalyst for this mass confession was the recent story of Dylan and Robert Olivo.

When he was in first grade, Dylan made Robert, his father, a Pokemon tie.

Being the great dad he is, Robert placed the tie somewhere safe and of course never, ever wore it.

That was, until Dylan’s graduation.

As the now grown-up tie maker told Teen Vogue, “I still remember making the tie for him, and I think he does too. He had it planned this whole time to wear it.”

Dylan tweeted a picture (which has now been deleted) of himself and his dad, who could well be the only man in the world capable of pulling off the lesser-seen Pokemon-tie-with-cowboy-hat look.

As the story gained attention on Reddit, users began to tell their own stories of keeping random gifts given by children to parents.

User No_Fairweathers said, “As a dad of a 3 year old, you might be surprised what we keep hold of/remember. Last year he ran up to me from being outside and said “Surprise! I love you!” And handed me three small rocks/pebbles. They’ve been on my desk ever since. It was a seemingly random/unimportant moment to everyone else, but those 3 rocks are very significant to me.”

DirigibleGerbil explained “A couple of years ago my then 5 year old handed me [a] walnut before I went out of town for the weekend. He told me if I ever got sad, just hold on to the walnut and think of him. I still carry it to this day and it makes me smile every time I see it.”

keiji-kiriya chimed in with “My son’s first t ball game I had had a rough day at work and I was a bit mean. My son handed me a leaf to “apologize”. It broke my heart. I’ve held on to it ever since as a reminder to hold my composure and be gentle with him. We’ve had 2 great seasons together since then.”

akckkc told how “My dad still has a block of wood with a nail stuck in it that I ‘created’ when I was 4. Though I’m pretty sure they only keep it around to make fun of me for how proud I was after making it.”

A couple of users gave more sentimental stories, with Kothophed sharing that “Back in like the second grade, I made a tiny laminated “great dad card” and gave it to my father. He passed away last year from cancer, and when my mum was going through his wallet, guess what we found?”

didyouwoof had a similar tale, saying “When my dad died and they cleared out his desk at the office, they found a drawing I’d done of him and my mother when I was in kindergarten.”

But my favourite entry came from _neatoburrito with this tale of what really makes a dad a dad: “I bought my dad souvenir golf balls when I was like 8. He lost them within a month.”

Well played, _neatoburrito’s dad.

Well played.

via Teen Vogue | image Dylan Olivo

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