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7-Year-Old Boy Starts Recycling Business, Has Already Saved $10,000 for College

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7-Year-Old Boy Starts Recycling Business, Has Already Saved $10,000 for College

Ryan Hickman is no ordinary 7-year-old boy.

While his friends in Orange County may be playing in the ocean, Ryan is working hard to help keep it clean.

The entrepreneurial youngster has set up his own recycling business which, according to its website, has already processed 204,000 cans and bottles.

Ryan’s passion for saving the environment stems from trips to the recycling center he made with his parents as a toddler, as his father, Damion Hickman, explained to ABC7.

“We had gone to the center with a couple of bags, and he really loved the actual act of putting all the cans and bottles into the machine and getting the money for it, and that kind of got him hooked.”

With the help of family and friends, this eventually led to Ryan starting his own business, Ryan’s Recycling.

It’s already earned Ryan over $10,000, but it isn’t just his college fund that’s seeing the financial benefits.

By selling t-shirts on his website, he’s also able to donate regularly to Laguna Beach’s Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

As Ryan says, it’s “for the sea lions to get food and medicine.”

While Ryan’s parents are hoping he can continue saving for college, the ambitious young man has other ideas.

“The recycling money,” said Ryan, “I’m saving for a garbage truck.”

via ABC7 | Featured Image Damion Hickman / ABC7

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