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The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading TV and Movie Clips of All Time (So Far)

Bad Lip Reading TV and Movie
Photo: Bad Lip Reading on YouTube


The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading TV and Movie Clips of All Time (So Far)

Having sharpened their tongue parodying pop songs and politicians, the next prey for the team at Bad Lip Reading were TV and movies.

Productions in the fantasy genre were targeted in particular; be that the fantasy of actually having high school vampires like in Twilight or the fantasy of actually having a singing career after going on American Idol.

As you’d expect from such a consistently great YouTube channel, each and every Bad Lip Reading TV and movie video is gold.

It’s hard to choose just 5, but choose we did.

Here are the 5 best Bad Lip Reading TV and movie clips of all time (so far).

Edward and Bella — A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight


A dimly lit duo work through some of the issues most teenagers face at some point, such as spitting on their brothers, not wanting to do an interview whatever day of the week it is, guiltily eating a cake for dinner, and being repulsed by how smelly a girl’s tongue is.


  • Dude, you slapped a fish
  • That cake’s my most bestest creation
  • Yeah, it’s wet and smells so bad
  • Not if she eats cheese or an egg

The Hunger Games — A Bad Lip Reading


A hillside chat becomes a disgusting discussion on diarrhea, ungratefulness arises over a new purse and some milk, Codfish Joe is unfairly mistaken for plain old Joe, and a fight over the mysterious Brian leads to a goat impression.


  • My bad, I didn’t need the visual
  • Do something fruity
  • Remember Bob the human?
  • I don’t want you to text me

The Walking (And Talking) Dead — A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead


A bedside chat reveals one man’s delusion over his skin color, a woman with a gun really wants a banjo, two zombies seem mildly perturbed by being held back by large sticks at the riverside, and two men in a field reminisce about a costume party they once went to.


  • Brother, you got skin like an English kid
  • Don’t wanna mess up your dumb potato basket
  • What the hell are you talking about?
  • You just like me for my weed

Medieval Land Fun-Time World Extended Trailer — A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones


As the Medieval Land Fun-Time Park prepares for its grand opening, a Filipino needs to work on his jousting skills, Denise tells a crazy story about what she did last night, Jimmy whispers about his new Walkman, and an old man on a throne lets it all out.


  • This time please don’t forget your accents
  • I can see your crack
  • Are you a fan of the Pikachu?
  • I’m working on a gravity belt

Sing-Song Contest of America — A Bad Lip Reading of American Idol


A man struggles to finish his song after swallowing a bug mid-performance, a judge has a novel suggestion for a contestant with hot skin, a man in a white jacket sings about cooking Italian gravy, and hickory dickory dock gets updated for the 21st century.


  • It’s the cake man, oh my gosh!
  • Sister did flips and Ronny fell on some tires
  • This music’s horrible
  • Kevin, Kevin, can I ride on your bike?

So, which was your favorite of these Bad Lip Reading TV and movie clips?

It’s hard to choose with them all being so good.

Let’s hope the channel, which is an idol to millions of YouTubing Americans, keeps on walking the walk and talking the talk without finding itself dead any time soon.

I’d hate to think BLR is in the twilight of its career.

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