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The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Politics Videos of All Time (So Far)

best bad lip reading politics videos
Photo: Bad Lip Reading on YouTube


The 5 Best Bad Lip Reading Politics Videos of All Time (So Far)

The 2016 American presidential election campaigns were among the most bizarre in living history.

But now the dust has settled, we can use footage of the key moments to understand exactly how Donald Trump became leader of the free world.

Footage like these 5 best Bad Lip Reading politics videos of all time (so far).

Set in order, they tell the real, honest, genuine, untold story of the 2016 presidential campaign trail, from the first Democratic and Republican debates right through to Trump’s inauguration.

First Democratic Debate Highlights by Bad Lip Reading


As the Democratic candidates line up, Hillary Clinton is really, really pleased with her pinto beans, Martin O’Malley gets confused by childbirth, Bernie Sanders takes on a Noun Challenge, and Lincoln Chafee presents a picture he drew of a kid who has somehow smashed his nose.


  • I think I can say where babies came from without you blinking at me
  • I have a foam finger
  • Time’s up for Colonel Sanders
  • Jimmy, I’m sure you’ll make a friend some day

First Republican Debate Highlights by Bad Lip Reading


As the Republican candidates line up, Chris Christie tells how he just wanted regular potatoes as a child, Mike Huckabee’s summer was dope like a pretty gelled head, Donald Trump has a pigeon he takes shopping, and all the candidates get 13 seconds to give their closing statements in song form.


  • She pooped on the treadmill
  • You touched a genital wart
  • You shouldn’t say the ‘s’ word
  • Every day, oh no, we could give ‘em cheese

Bernie & Hillary by Bad Lip Reading


As Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton face off to see who will face Trump in the election, Bernie thinks Hillary would very much like to eat a strange cocktail, Hillary attacks Bernie’s hairline, Bernie does very well at the Time to Act reaction game, and Hillary’s attempt to tell a story of a hitchhiker is interrupted by Bernie’s song.


  • We like coffee that’s 3% boiled shrimp and 70 parts Bacardi
  • This guy is a balding dude
  • It’s time for my song now
  • God gave us balls

Debate Night! By Bad Lip Reading


As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump try to persuade the country to vote for them, they both show what they can really do, Donald plays a round of Five Favorites, Hillary reveals why things she says make sense to her, and Donald says he will never move to the country of Africa.


  • I want a baby on fleek
  • Don’t think about the appliance, sometimes everyone has to believe
  • Why don’t you move to Africa?
  • You know you want to lick my feet

Inauguration Day by Bad Lip Reading


As Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the USA, former incumbent George W. Bush zings the outgoing Barack Obama, Donald repeats the sacred oath before joining an awkward silent disco with his wife Melania and Mike and Karen Pence, and the day ends with an adult chat between Donald and Barack.


  • You can be a funny weiner, can’t you?
  • Hadouken! Hadouken to your face
  • I make grease pellets in my sweat
  • I personally have puked at a cage fight

With the bar set this high, who knows how strange the next presidential election campaigns will be.

All we can do is hope Bad Lip Reading are there to present the key moments exactly as they happen once again.

via Bad Lip Reading

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