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30 Household Hacks with Products You Probably Already Have

Video: TheRichest on YouTube


30 Household Hacks with Products You Probably Already Have

Thanks to clever marketing, we all buy far more household products than we really need.

Is your ‘kitchen cleaner’ really any different to your ‘bathroom cleaner’, save from saying ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’ on the bottles?

Overlap in specialized products is one thing but there are many occasions where a seemingly unrelated liquid can do a job too, and knowing some of them can save you money or a trip to the store.

Out of toilet cleaner? Use a splash of Coca-Cola from the bottle in the fridge.

Out of throat medicine? Gargle some of the apple cider vinegar sitting in the cupboard.

Out of carpet cleaner? Spray on some of that WD-40 that’s been in the garage for years.

Our first video, from TheRichest and found up at the top of the post, explains a few of the many, many uses for Coca-Cola. While most people use it to quench a thirst, the ingredients and chemicals found in Coke really do make it a jack-of-all-trades.

From haircare to metal cleaning, and from pesticidal use to soothing bee or jellyfish stings, you may begin to wonder whether you should really be drinking it.

Our second video, from LEAF, introduces the wondrous apple cider vinegar, which can be gargled to fight bad breath or soothe a sore throat, be used to polish wood or remove grease from metal kitchen surfaces, and even be wielded as a natural weed killer.

Our third and final video, from HouseholdHacker, is for those of you who don’t mind the smell of oil in their home or are simply desperate for a job to be done.

WD-40 is usually confined to workshops, but it does have a lot of household uses in emergency situations. These include removing marker pen from wood or baked-on food from metal, getting rid of stubborn tape left behind when mounted pictures are removed from the wall, and even waterproofing your shoes.

That last one probably best demonstrates how some these WD-40 hacks are really just for emergencies but, hey, sometimes we just need some waterproof shoes.

from TheRichest | LEAF | HouseholdHacker

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