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20+ Kitchen and Cooking Hacks to Save You Time Today

Video: How To Make Sushi on YouTube


20+ Kitchen and Cooking Hacks to Save You Time Today

New year, new you, right?

And that means less processed, fast, or downright junk food and more fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals.

If only there was enough time in the day to prepare them, though.

What you need are some hacks. And not just any old hacks. Oh no.

Kitchen and cooking hacks.

The kind of hacks that let you know instantly whether your eggs are still fresh or not, how best to easily poach the ones that are, and even how to make the quickest mayo ever with them.

All these can be found in the above video from How to Make Sushi, along with the cleanest way to peel ginger, the best way to make butter soft from the fridge, and a resourceful idea to keep your chopping board from slipping on your work surface.

Oh, you still want more kitchen and cooking hacks?

Then check out the video from MadeMyDay below to learn the fastest way to peel garlic, the least strenuous way to open a tightly sealed jar, an ingenious way of slicing all your cherry tomatoes at the same time, and the simplest way to separate an egg yolk from the white.

We’ve noticed a theme here: eggs are great source material for kitchen and cooking hacks.

That’s probably enough of them for now, though.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done.

Would you like to know a time-saving way to cut your own fries? Or how you can use bread to keep a sliced cake from going stale, or how to use kitchen paper to stop your lettuce going limp?

You can find out in this final video from TheRichest.

And if we’ve overdone it on the hacks, look out for a great tip on re-corking your wine bottle.

You might just need a glass after all these great tips.

p.s. confession time. While most of these hacks look amazing, there is one that we just can’t get on board with. Bacon in the microwave just seems inherently wrong. Never have and never will!

Videos from How to Make Sushi | MadeMyDay | TheRichest | Featured Image from Pixabay

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