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After 180 Rejections, a Suit Donation Project Helps Homeless Man Land Job in 3 Days

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After 180 Rejections, a Suit Donation Project Helps Homeless Man Land Job in 3 Days

What’s your dream job?

For Brian Smith, the thought of working any job again had become a dream.

The Salt Lake City resident was let go from his previous one last February.

When his rent went from 30 days overdue to 60 and on to 90, Brian found himself homeless.

“In the blink of an eye, life can really take a turn on you quickly,” said Smith. On being homeless, he added, “Off and on, yes. Staying in hotels, couches, cars — anything you can find.”

Despite his dire situation, Brian never stopped trying to rejoin the workforce, although almost a year and around 180 knock-backs almost had him beat.

“Rejection after rejection,” said Smith. “These last 10 months, I’ve lost my faith in humanity, in God, in life. There were many times when shotguns looked very tempting.”

It was a visit to the website that changed Smith’s fortunes.

Although searching again for job opportunities, he saw KSL’s piece on Utah Woolen Mills’ ‘Suited for Good’ initiative to donate suits to homeless people attending job interviews.

For every suit they sell this year, the kind-hearted couturiers will donate an additional one to help a man determined to get back on his feet.

“The power of that first impression. You can’t put a price on confidence,” said B.J. Stringham, president of the Salt Lake City store.

Brian Smith received his suit on the Saturday, attended the interview on the Monday, and was hired on the Tuesday.

“I didn’t think it would happen to me, and it did, and I owe them so much,” he said.

Brian Smith is the first success of Utah Woolen Mills’ amazing initiative.

Congratulations to him, and let’s hope he’s the first of many.

via | Utah Woolen Mills Suited for Good

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