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102-Year-Old New Jersey Man Becomes World’s Oldest Skydiver

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102-Year-Old New Jersey Man Becomes World’s Oldest Skydiver

You’re never too old to jump out of an airplane.

Said probably no-one ever.

However, by becoming the oldest skydiver in the world, 102-year-old Kenny Meyer has just proven it to be true.

Even more unbelievably, this was the Union Township centenarian’s first ever parachute jump.

And he did it not for himself, but for America!

Back in May, a British man who goes by the name Verdun Hayes became the oldest skydiver at 101 years and 38 days.

Kenny had long talked about jumping from a plane, and bringing that record back across the pond was all the motivation he needed to finally do so.

The mission took him to Skydive Sussex, who organized a tandem jump for the elderly daredevil.

25 family members and friends were there to see it happen, although low cloud and sporadic rain kept them waiting.

Kenny even had the chance to take a lunchtime nap.

When he was eventually given the nod, his family-and-friends fan club took turns to hug him and wish him luck.

A short ride on a golf cart later, Kenny was in the airplane and heading up to 13,000 feet.

It’s an altitude that gave him around 1 whole minute of freefall.

As he came back to Earth, his friends and family rushed across the grass to meet him.

Waving 2 small American flags, a jubilant Kenny celebrated achieving what he’d set out to do.

“USA! We got the record!” he cried.

And so Kenny, who needed special doctor’s clearance to make his jump, proved that you really are never too old to jump out of an airplane; even for the first time.

As for a second?

“Maybe when I’m 105,” he told reporters.

Check out the jump in the video above!  😀


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